What Type of Shapers Do Celebrities Wear?

What Type of Shapers Do Celebrities Wear?

Great news! One of the superstars’ beauty secrets is now revealed, body shaper for women. We all ask ourselves, how do they keep that fabulous silhouette all the time? Isn’t it awesome when you figure out that your favorite celebrity has secrets to look incredible on the red carpet but also during her daily routine? It sure feels good to know this. So, what type of shapers do celebrities wear?

  1.     Shapewear high waisted shorts
  2.     Tummy control thong
  3.     Shapewear bodysuit
  4.     Strapless body shaper
  5.     Shapewear bum lifter

Some celebs don’t have a problem admitting it; others may not be that eager to do so. However, we all now know the truth: Body shaper for women is their best secret weapon and has come to stay!

Fajas Salome invites you to take a look at your celebs’ favorite shapewear and the best fajas to wear under dresses depending on the special occasions they use it for. Would you like to know what type of shapers do celebrities wear?

What type of shapers do celebrities wear?

There are many benefits to wearing shapewear for dresses, especially when women need to look their best for an important event. Salome Colombian shapewear undergarments provide a great choice solution for achieving that slimmer look. 

Once you start wearing it, you´ll notice how instantly reducing your physical appearance. Show off a stunning-fantastic look and the most important, mostly for celebs, a body shaper invisible beneath clothes. The perfect comfortable compliment fit for you!

Nowadays, Hollywood celebs and A-list clients make slimming bodysuit  their must-have armor to rock the red carpet. They make sure their designer dress looks fantabulous on camera and avoid any possible incident with their outfits (exactly what paparazzi and fashion critics are always expecting). 

With so many options available, celebrities don’t hesitate when it comes to the most suitable body shaping underwear. Superstars need to feel confident in front of hundreds of flashing lights that capture every angle of their bodies. They can have red-carpet confidence in any dress. Their most preferred body shaper for women options are:

  1.     Shapewear high waisted shorts
  2.     Tummy control thong
  3.     Shapewear bodysuit
  4.     Strapless body shaper
  5.     Shapewear bum lifter

1.  Shapewear high waisted shorts

Shapewear high waisted shorts are the most popular. They help celebs get red-carpet ready due to their coverage and seamless features, as they flatten the tummy, lift the rear, and smooth the hips. Gorgeous supermodel Karlie Kloss wears them under her beautiful long dresses. For Karlie, these high-waisted shorts smooth her silhouette without compromising her comfort. The perfect fitting-garment!

In case you’re aiming for that same level of comfort and focused control, look no further. Fajas Salome has two brilliant shapewear high waisted shorts that smooth out those undesirable love handles and naturally boost your stunning curves.

Let’s take a look at Fajas Salome 0321 Butt Lifter High Waist Shaper Shorts. Their tummy control design, and well-shaped, rounder butt-lifting effect, turn them into the right tailored suit for women.


 Faja Salome 0321

On the other hand, if you decide to add control over your tummy without putting on a full body shaper, like Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Fajas Salome 0218 High Waist Compression Shorts are the ideal fitting-piece for you. These shapewear high waisted shorts flatten the belly, lift your buttocks, and correct your posture. But that’s not all. These shaping shorts slim your thighs and stay put thanks to their silicone lace bands.

2. Thong shapewear

Fajas Salome doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to the best fajas for dresses or silky outfits. Thong shapewear styles are ladies’ favorite shapewear since they tone the midsection and lift your breasts.

Celebs like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner love to presume their bold dresses and outfits with these incredible undergarments. If you haven't tried them on, Fajas Salome has wonderful choices for you to try on and look beautiful. You will be amazed at the results, we promise!

For starters, we offer the incredible Fajas Salome 0212 Tummy Control Shapewear Thong. This thong shapewear controls your tummy, and smooths your back in seconds.  Its removable straps work perfectly under off-the-shoulder dresses or tops. For more comfort, it features a bathroom-friendly hook-and-eye crotch for less hassle when nature calls. And the most important thing? You'll be able to say “Bye, bye” to panty lines. 


Faja Salome 0212

Other celebrities like JLo, Rihanna and Rita Ora have grasped the nude-like outfits. Their jaw-dropping dresses seem to fuse with their skin and we are dying to know what's their secret to that ‘fake nudity’. Stylists have their favorite fajas for tummy tuck, and also, they have a special place for seamless underwear.

Being light years ahead from the rest, Fajas Salome has spectacular shapers. Take Fajas Salome 0351 Thong Body Shaper, for example. The ideal fitting-piece for you. This thong body shaper provides medium compression, flattens your tummy, and creates and eliminates the risk of visible panty lines. It goes virtually unnoticed under your tightest outfits, making these an ideal shapewear for dresses and tops. Its full upper coverage design is a bonus you shouldn’t miss.

3.  Shapewear bodysuit

If you wish to have everything under control, then definitely you’re a shapewear bodysuit devotee like British actress Emily Blunt. In spite of the fact she’s slim, she’s totally aware and mindful that the correct firm control body shaper embraces the figure. This makes us understand that even with all the personal training and access to the latest food cleanse, famous people sometimes require extra support that shapewear provides. 

Remember, a shapewear bodysuit offers enhanced coverage and control at the same time. Girls’ producer Lena Dunham has lauded its benefits and gladly appeared showing her bodysuit on her Instagram. 

Let’s take Fajas Salome 0216 High Back Tummy Control for example. These wonderful fajas for dresses are your best alternative to control your tummy and highlight your derrière while its high back design helps you correct the posture. This incredible shapewear makes you show off a stunning silhouette. With outer Powernet and cotton lining, your skin will be protected while your curves are happy. That’s why Salome bodysuits are gonna always be the staple compression garments clothing in your wardrobe.


 Faja Salome 0216

However, other celebs decided to wear just the exact amount of coverage and nothing else. Mexican artist and singer Paulina Rubio prefers body shapers that lift the breasts and keep the tummy exactly where it should be, and let’s admit it, her hourglass silhouette is something we’d like to achieve ourselves, aren’t we right?

Fajas Salome is committed to offering the most fantastic fajas to wear under dress that elongate your silhouette, control flabbiness, and keep everything where it’s supposed to be, Fajas Salome 0214 Mid Thigh Butt Lifter Body Shaper. If we compare your outfit to a masterpiece, this fantastic body shaper for women would perfectly be the canvas to show! Strapless, seamless, breathable, lightweight; the list of features could go on and on. Prepare with this and get ready. Prepare with this slimming girdle and get ready to look picture-perfect from every angle exactly like your favorite celebrity.

4.  Strapless body shaper 

We’ve been talking for a while about undergarments, but we can’t forget about shapewear with hip-hugger style, one of our best choices. Oprah adores shapewear and has admitted to saying how she loves how they flaunt what she's got. Actress Kerry Washington once said she matched her shocking Dolce & Gabbana dress with a dark high-waist panty girdle. The result? Incredible! Panty fajas offer exact control over your tummy and bottom, allowing you to wear other pieces without suffocating or restraining yourself. There's no room for mistakes, boost your confidence with the best fajas.

Panty shapers allow you to feel more in control. But it doesn’t mean that they can look like granny panties. Fajas Salome has got your butt covered, literally, with the best girdles for women available. Fajas Salome 0418 Strapless Butt Lifter Shapewear is the one you’ll love immediately. This strapless body shaper features a convenient hiphugger style with seamless finishes. A very discrete piece of shaper underwear with a butt-lifting effect that definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Faja Salome 0419

 A faja can be your BBF. Let’s take seamless finishes to an entirely new level, shall we? Fajas Salome offers you a wide variety of seamless full-coverage garments to wear stunning dresses. Fajas Salome 0414 Strapless Tummy Control has all the features we need from underwear: tummy control, butt-lifting impact, and silky-smooth texture that caress your skin. Its hiphugger design allows you to wear your favorite short dress any time you desire. This is the perfect option if you want to flatten your tummy and hide those love handles.

5.   Shapewear bum lifter

When we talk about the best shapewear bum lifter, it's possible that our body shaper booty lift isn’t the first undergarment option that comes to our minds. The truth is that the right buttlifters for your body will outline your figure and make you feel sexier while wearing it. It will offer the right amount of compression while concealing those irritating VPLs, boosting your confidence through the roof. You don't have to worry about your long dress from clinging and bunching inside and out, wear this shapewear, and maintain a very natural look.

Fajas Salome has many shapewear bum lifter options. Our Fajas Salome 0219 High Waist Shapewear Shorts and their high-waist design will give you an astonishing silhouette with full upper coverage. Enhance and shape the bottom and gives you a natural and fantastic look going completely unnoticed under your favorite strapless-long dress. They will fit like a glove! Shape the thighs, belly, and hips feeling comfortable and fabulous. With this body shaper booty lift, feel free to wear that casual summer dress you’ve wanted for so long.

Tummy shapers are only for the red carpet? Well, I don't think so... 

Sarah Hyland, Tyra Banks, Robin Wright, Miranda Lambert, and Oprah have something in common. Do you know what this is? These 5 phenomenal celebs have admitted they wear women shapewear every day! Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan prefers to use the girdle once she gets home before putting on her comfy sweatpants.

Yes, you are probably wondering right now: “Every day, for real? C’mon, give me a break!” We’ll give you only 5 simple reasons that back up celebs’ decision to wear tummy shaper daily:

  1. Shapewear for women plays a pretty important role in boosting their self-confidence (in or out or the red carpet).
  2. It highlights your silhouette and corrects the posture effortlessly.
  3. Shapewear smooths out undesirable lumps and bumps, flattens your belly, and controls your hips.
  4. Colombian fajas are great to outline natural curves and lift your booty instantly.
  5. Fajas help to avoid the feared VPL (Visible Panty Line).

Other celebrities go one step further. Social media stars like Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian have commented they use regular body shapers as activewear. Is it possible? Well, shapewear has been upgraded to a whole new level. These days it features high-quality materials that wick away moisture, allow your skin to breathe, and hold you in all-day. We know, it sounds like the perfect sportswear every woman needs to have!

To recap, if you’re looking for a spectacular celeb red-carpet look without taking extreme dieting, going under surgery, or spending a lot of money on not-so-magical aesthetic treatments, you must keep the best Colombian fajas as options on your radar. Tummy shapers have become the ultimate key to looking glam! And the best part of this, Fajas Salome has the best collection of Colombian body shapers. Garments for all types of figures and the targeted body area you desire to smooth out. Go and check our online store and get your shapewear for women now.

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